Thursday, January 14, 2010

Darker businesses of Trichy - Trichy Sex

I have written an article before relating to prostitution in Trichy.

When I was analyzing the keywords for which Trichy was being searched for in internet and what is the top most search about Trichy - I was surprised by a fact that "trichy sex" was one of the important keywords around it.

There are lot of folks searching for it and trying to find about Trichy 'Sex' in internet. There is definitely something fishy about this fact in Trichy, that is why people are searching for and trying to find how they can achieve this in trichy.

Is still Trichy being famous/notorious for prostitution? Are there many agents and functionaries functioning for prostitution in Trichy? Are even people (tourists) looking for sex tourism or massage in Trichy?

This is definitely a darker side of Trichy, given that Trichy is a night city and there is lot of floating population and not to forget it is a tourist destination for even people in India (that is other parts of the country).

I know this busienss feeds lot of families, and it is ok to some extent in a society, but this should not be too much and a flourishing business.

I came to know to this fact, only by the number of people searching for this particular fact in Internet.

Overall - the affected ones are youngsters and even girls are sexually abused, due to their poverty.

I am wishing this business does not flourish and the youngsters go in right path in life, especially the girl folks!

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